Offline Siri in iOS 15 — Features that work and doesn’t work

With the latest iOS 15, Apple has added support for its voice assistant Siri to work even when there’s no internet connection. This means that the tasks can now be performed a bit faster than earlier as the processing is done on the device.

Apart from the on-device processing for faster performance, the offline mode is also good for privacy as the audio recorded by Siri won’t leave the iPhone. However, with the offline mode, not everything works.

If you are looking forward to using the Siri voice command in offline mode, then here is a list of things that works offline and a list of things that won’t work and will require the device to have an active internet connection.


Features that work with offline Siri

  • Launching or opening applications on the device
  • Controlling system settings, including switching between dark or light mode, adjusting volume, accessibility features, toggling airplane mode, enabling or disabling low Power mode, etc.
  • Changing timers or setting alarms
  • Controlling media playback in the Music app

Features that doesn’t work with offline Siri

  • Requests that need updated information, which includes the likes of weather, HomeKit, Reminders, Calendar, etc.
  • Specific actions in particular apps
  • Messages, FaceTime, phone calls
  • Playing music or podcasts and downloading content
  • Anything that needs an active internet connection

When you are offline and ask for a request that cannot be processed by Siri, you’ll see a message that reads “I can help with that when you’re connected to the Internet” at the bottom of your screen.