iOS 6: Deep Facebook Integration coming soon

Yes, it’s finally official! The rumours that we heard about Apple planning to deeply integrate Facebook into the iOS 6 are true. And at the WWDC 2012 last night, Apple showed us how the integration work look, feel and work when the OS finally arrives in fall this year. 


Now, after upgrading to iOS 6, users will notice Facebook in default apps such as calendar, contacts and even the App Store itself which is nice.

To start with, Apple has added a ‘Post to Facebook’ button in the notification centre, which would allow users to directly post to Facebook just like they could do for Twitter went iOS 5 arrived. 


Now iOS users will be able to share their photos from the Camera app, locations from Maps, links from Safari, high scores from Game Center, and more or by using Siri.


Next up now iOS 6 users will be able to view all the Facebook Events and their Friends’ Birthdays, all in the iOS devices’ calendar so now you’ll never forget an event happening on Facebook as your device will remind you. Facebook will now integrate contact info into Contacts. So when your friends share their email addresses and phone numbers with you on Facebook, they’ll automatically appear in your iOS devices’ Contacts.


Apple has made the Facebook’s ‘Like’ button a part of everything in the OS which includes iTunes the App Store. So now, when you like an App or Song, Albums, Movies or anything else, it’ll be shown to your Friends and vice versa.
This actually would help users to see which apps their friends like more and use it and so if they are not yet using it, they could now download it and play with it. 
So the Facebook Integration into the iOS 6 does sound promising and nice but then there is also a concern over Privacy which we all know has been an issue with Facebook since its inception. But let us see how things shape up when the feature arrives on the OS in fall.
If you are a developer, then the APIs will be made available to you so that you can take full advantage of the iOS 6 Facebook integration into your apps.
What do you feel about this Facebook Integration into the iOS? Is it worth it or it doesn’t matter much to you? Let us know in the comments section below.