Nokia Exec hints at Lumia arriving with PureView technology

In the past we have heard that Nokia is trying its best and working on bringing the PureView camera and imaging technology to its Windows Phone powered Lumia range of devices. But at that time this piece of news was just a rumour.


But now it has been almost confirmed by Chris Webber, President of Nokia U.S. that the Finnish giant is indeed working on bringing PureView to Lumia devices.

In an interview Chris has agreed to the fact that the company is determined to launch Lumia smartphones with a PureView camera on the rear in the future. And this could indeed be a turning point for the company as the sales of its Symbian powered mobile phones is falling and the Lumia is doing just well to let the company survive. 

The Nokia 808 PureView is the father of all camera centric smartphones out there and has no one which can beat it. But then, the only negative about the device is the burning Symbian OS that it runs on. 
But if the Lumia smartphones are able to handle the PureView technology then no other smartphone in the industry would be able to compete with it with such a powerful camera.
Catch the 20 minutes long interview below. Also let us know if you would like to buy a Windows Phone powered Lumia PureView Smartphone when it arrives.