iOS 7 with support for 64 bit architecture adds new features; Updates available from September 18

With Apple claiming to be close to shipping the 700 millionth iOS device by next month, the company has boosted its iOS 7 with a new design that would incorporate over 200 new features.


The iOS 7 which would be the first mobile OS compatible with a processor having a 64 bit architecture, thus enabling it to access twice the original number of general-purpose registers and floating-point registers with a structure consisting of over 1 billion transistors fitted in a 102 mm2 die size. The overall performance would thus receive a boost of nearly 40 times for the CPU and 56 times for the GPU compared to the earlier processor.

The new iOS 7, which will have dedicated support for the 64-bit A7 processor, would have support of OpenGL ES 3.0, thus making way for more realistic 3D games. The iOS 7, which would have its built in apps re-engineered for 64-bit, would also support 32-bit apps simultaneously. The OS also has full integration with the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which can be used to authorize direct payments.

The new iSight camera sensor in the iOS 7 adds in features like automatic image stabilization, Burst Mode and Slo-Mo video with 120 fps, thus providing up to two-times faster auto-focus, faster photo capture and better dynamic range. There are also new Camera app filters, which can be used to add real-time photo effects besides a square camera option. The redesigned Photos app has the new Moments which automatically organizes your photos and videos based on time and location.

The iOS 7 has the Control Center, which gives you quick access to the controls you want in one convenient place with just one swipe from the bottom of your screen and the Notification Center, which is accessible from the Lock screen so that you can see all your notifications with a simple swipe. The new Today feature gives you an at-a-glance view of your day with a summary of the important details such as weather, traffic, meetings and events.

The iOS 7 has improved Multitasking that gives users the ability to switch between their apps in a more visual and intuitive way and updates the content of the most used apps automatically. AirDrop can be used to share files and media to people nearby. The personal assistant Siri now comes with new male and female voices, besides Twitter search integration, Wikipedia integration and Bing web searching from within the app.

The iOS 7 has the new iTunes Radio service which features over 200 stations and an incredible catalogue of music from the iTunes Store. This service may however be limited to the US only. The new OS includes advanced Find My iPhone Activation Lock that requires your Apple ID and password.

The iOS 7 will be available as a free software update starting on Wednesday, September 18 for iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini and iPod touch fifth generation. The iOS 7 would come pre-installed in the just launched Apple iPhone 5S and the Apple iPhone 5C.