iPad Mini said to launch in India next week with iPad 4, starting at Rs.21,900 for 16GB

Good news coming in for all of you who have been waiting for the iPad Mini and 4th generation of iPad (with Retina Display) to launch in India.


News coming in suggests that the 7.9-inch iPad Mini and the refreshed iPad with Retina Display are coming to India anytime next week.

The iPad Mini is said to be starting at Rs.21,900 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only version while the 16 GB 3G+Wi-Fi version is said to be arriving for Rs.29,900. The pricing has been revealed by @ITNETInfocom and the pricing of various version of iPad Mini are as below:
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.21900
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.27900
  • 64 GB Wi-FI only – Rs.33900
  • 16 GB 3G+Wi-Fi – Rs.29900
  • 32 GB 3G+Wi-Fi – Rs.35900
  • 64 GB 3G+Wi-Fi – Rs.41900

The source has also revealed the pricing of the iPad with Retina Display and the revamped iPad starts at Rs.31900 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only version while the 16 GB 3G+Wi-Fi version starts at Rs.39900. Pricing for all version of 4th generation of iPad is as below:
  • 16 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.31900
  • 32 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.37900
  • 64 GB Wi-Fi only – Rs.43900
  • 16 GB 3G+Wi-Fi – Rs.39900
  • 32 GB 3G+Wi-Fi – Rs.45900
  • 64 GB 3G+Wi-Fi – Rs.51900

We cannot confirm the above mentioned pricing of the iPad Mini and iPad 4th generation until Apple makes an official announcement but we feel that the pricing will not see a change and remain the same as mentioned.
So which one are you planning to buy?