iPhone 5S saves soldier’s life from a suicide bomber

The iPhone 5S is something remarkable just like every other iPhone before it. Android phones might have gained leverage in today’s time, but the iPhone always comes up for special mentions – like this one. The iPhone 5S played the role of life saving armor and saved an American soldier’s life in Afghanistan.


Staff Sergeant Shaun Frank was posted in Afghanistan when a teenage suicide bomber blew himself off nearby. Sgt. Frank being in the line of impact, was hit by shrapnel and ball bearings. The bomb could have easily killed him, but instead, his iPhone 5S took most of the impact of the explosion and deflected the shrapnel, leaving him unharmed.



Frank’s sister Alisa Lantz said,”“My brother got several holes all over him, through his thumb, through his fingers, through his hands and his legs. “He had his iPhone in his pocket. The iPhone stopped a few of the ball bearings as well.”


Sgt. Frank sent the iPhone 5S back home as a war memento. While the iPhone is damaged beyond repair, Apple gave the soldier to keep the old phone as a memento or get a new phone for free. He choose to keep the old one. He was now posted in Afghanistan without a phone. Apple was silent on the matter until donations began to pour in to buy him a new iPhone. Apple took three months but finally gave him a brand new iPhone, after some media coverage highlighted it.


While the iPhone 5S is an amazing phone, Apple as a company displayed stinginess when it came to rewarding a war hero’s phone. But all is well that ends well, right?

The story sounds similar to one of the store clerk who’s HTC Evo 3D stopped a bullet.

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