iPhone 5S touchscreen ID lock can easily be fooled

Yes, Apple came out with revolutionary new feature like every other time they released an iPhone. Well, this time it is touchscreen ID or the fingerprint lock, whatever you may call it, that is looked at with awe. But really and truly, will your phone still be protected from intruders if you have a touchscreen ID lock?


The answer surprisingly might be no. A fingerprint scanner in a phone is a good idea, but a lock based on that is not entirely foolproof. And here’s why.

We aren’t saying that some mafia might chop off your thumbs to unlock your iPhone, but think of it, someone could actually just put your thumb on the phone or your phone under the thumb to unlock it. While you sleep away, your information might be revealed to someone you don’t want to be privy to.

Apple, has put the effort in your safety though. See, dead thumbs wouldn’t work. But, an unconscious person’s thumb could be used to unlock his iPhone. Touch ID cannot detect whether the phone is being touched in an unconscious or conscious state. There is actually a word for this – it is called ‘sleephacking’.

If you have stuff on your phone, that is just too personal, we would advise you to still depend on a pass code more than you would depend on the touch ID. It is something new, but in our opinion, just needs to evolve further.