Mozilla launches its gesture-based browser preview for Windows 8 tablets

Mozilla is working on a diverse range of products to make smartphone/tablet offerings. Not only is it developing its very own Firefox OS, it is also taking the browser to a varied range of products compete with Chrome, which currently ranks as the best browser out there. Mozilla announced that this version will run on Windows 8’s Metro/Modern UI. While the version currently out is more of a Beta or a preview, they should have the official version out by early 2014.


What differentiates Firefox from other browsers is that it has adapted to the Metro UI and created a gesture based interface. Rather than clogging the screen with too many buttons, it gives you gesture control which can be simply used via two buttons on the sides of the screen and swipe gestures.

Mozilla has also learnt something from the example of Chrome, it has retained some features of the desktop version such as WebGL support and Mozilla’s asm.js which is useful for high-performance Javaascript apps. It also has support for HTML5, WebM and H.264 videos. The browser can easily sync with your desktop version of the OS.

Here’s a link if you would like to try it and help the Mozilla team improve upon it. You can easily download it here.