iPhone 6 might come with curved glass and curved edges

The Apple iPhone 6, like every other iPhone before it, has become the center of rumors. While it is almost certain that the smartphone will feature a bigger than usual 4.7-inch display. But there is a slight possibility that the iPhone 6 might feature  new kind of display technology – its display might be curved around the edges which will change the way you perceive iPhones forever.


The Apple iPhone 6 should definitely be a major change from the series, since Apple issues an incremental handset over the previous one and then comes with a ‘revolutionary’ one with new features. The iPhone 6 is expected to follow on the lines of that tradition. This news has come from a Japanese site called Mac Otakara (Don’t ask me what that means).

We have already seen curved displays in the form of the LG G Flex and others, but there is nothing too interesting on the horizon just yet.