iTunes Music and Movies store launched by Apple in India

Apple is finally concentrating on the Indian market and seems to have understood how important India is for the company.


We saw the company launch its iPhone 5 in the sub-continent in the third round of releases and today we are seeing that the company has silently introduced the iTunes Music and Movies Store in India.

This will now allow users in India to buy and download Indian and international music, buy movies or just rent them from the iTunes Store. The iTunes Match service, which lets users to re-download previously downloaded music from iTunes and others which will be stored in the Cloud for Rs.1200 per year.
Going by the pricing, Songs can be bought for Rs.9-15 per song while full albums have been priced at between Rs.72-108. Movies have been priced at Rs.290-490 and if you wish not to download them, you can rent a HD movie for just Rs.120 or a SD movie for Rs.90.
Television shows are as of now missing on the Store and we hope they go on to be available soon for the Indian users. Users can even purchase and download music videos which are priced between Rs. 15-20 and ringtones have also been made available for users for Rs.15.