Jio Fiber launches two new plans costing ₹351 and ₹199

Jio entered the Indian telecom market and within just one year, the company has become one of the leading operators in the market. Recently, the company launched its wired-broadband service named Jio Fiber after protracted period of testing in several cities.

Now, the company has announced two new broadband plans that are cheaper and offer more value than the existing offerings. First plan costs ₹351 per month and offers 30-day validity along with 50 GB of data at 10 Mbps.


Once the data limit is exhausted, the speed would be lowered to 1 Mbps. The plan also offers unlimited voice-calling and complimentary TV video calling. Jio Fiber has also added another plan that costs ₹199. It is a weekly prepaid plan that offers unlimited data access at 100 Mbps for seven days. It also offers unlimited voice-calling and complimentary TV video calling like the new monthly plan.

The company is already offering plans costing ₹700, ₹849, ₹1,299, ₹2,499, ₹3,999 and ₹8,499 per month. The speed in these plans vary from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps and comes with a host of other features. To know more about that, click here.

How to get Jio Fiber

  • Visit or download MyJio app
  • Register for JioFiber services
  • If JioFiber is available in your area, Jio’s service representatives will get in touch with you

For getting the connection, there’s a one-time payment of ₹2,500 in which ₹1,500 is security deposit while the other ₹1,000 is non-refundable installation charge.