Jio launches 25,000 km international cable system with terabit capacity

Reliance Jio has launched a 25,000 Km stretching cable system that connects Southeast Asia to Europe. The AAE-1 cable system is based on 100 Gbps technology. It is a submarine system that has diversified Points of Presence in Hong Kong & Singapore and three onward connectivity options in France, Italy, and Greece.


“AAE-1 will pass through the critical hubs, serving the increasing demand for video-centric data bandwidth supporting all types of communications, applications, and content within India and beyond.” the company said.

The advanced design of the cable will ensure that Jio broadband customers get exceptional high-speed internet with the lowest latency as the cable has the fewest hops between Hong Kong, India, Middle East and Europe.

The AAE-1 cable system was also delivered to Mumbai at launch and Jio is in charge of the management of the system. The Network Operations & Management facility of the new cable system is in Navi Mumbai.