Kim Dotcom gives a sneak preview of his new music streaming service – Baboom

With the increasing subscribers for music streaming services, Kim Dotcom, notorious for the MegaUpload file sharing service, is all set to launch the Baboom music streaming service and has given us a limited preview.


The Baboom music streaming services is apparently a combination of Spotify and iTunes with a flashy design. While the site is still not available to the public, a limited preview of the service featuring Kim’s first album ‘Good Times’ is available. As of now, only Kim’s artist profile is viewable.

Baboon is said to provide the usual elements seen in music streaming services like artist pages with bio, photo and video galleries. Content marked by the artist as free would be available for download. We can also expect jukebox mode for random tunes. There is also an activity tab, which would be linking the social networks.

To create a hype ahead of the launch, Baboon is running contests where viewers can remix the songs from his album with the best five winning a whopping $5000. Also the best music video for each song would earn a massive $10000 prize.