Latest Instagram update now lets you save your live videos to your phone

Instagram rolled out its Live Stories feature globally in late January this year. The Live Stories feature lets you broadcast live videos to your followers. It’s similar to the live videos you see on Facebook, however, unlike Facebook’s live videos which are saved automatically, the ones on Instagram aren’t. But, with the latest update to the app, you will be able to save your live videos to your phone.


If you use Instagram, you already know that you can broadcast live videos to your followers, however, once you are done, those videos are gone. There’s no way to get them back. But with the latest update, you will now be able to save those live videos to your phone once the broadcast has ended.


Once the broadcast of live video is over, you will see a ‘Save’ button at the top-right corner of the app screen. You just have to tap on it and your live video will be saved to your smartphone. However, do keep in mind that only the video will be saved to your smartphone, other things like comments, likes and number of viewers won’t.

Also, the live video will be saved in the camera roll of your smartphone and not on Instagram itself. But, you can always upload it from your camera roll to Instagram if you want. “This update gives you the flexibility to hold onto your video and re-watch it later, especially if something exciting happens during your broadcast that you want to remember or share.said Instagram.

Instagram has also said that the Live Stories feature will receive more improvements this year. If you are on version 10.12 of Instagram on iOS or Android, you can save your live videos to your smartphone. If you aren’t, you can head on to the links below to update to the latest version.

Download Link: Android | iOS