Leaked Galaxy C10 images once again show a dual camera setup

The Samsung Galaxy C10 has been rumored before to come with a dual camera as is the Galaxy J7 (2017) Chinese version. Just yesterday, we saw a leak of the J7 with two imaging sensors. This time we have an image of the back of the C-series phone sporting two cameras.


While the Galaxy Note 8 will most likely have the same setup, these 2 are the other contenders. The big question is which of these three will first come to the market with it?

In all truthfulness, we don’t know when the Chinese GalaxyJ7 (2017 ) will arrive. These images are of the Galaxy C10. Those easily visible antenna lines show the mark of the C series. There isn’t much to chew in this image except what we already mentioned. All else is guess work.

With all these different series of devices popping up, it is only a matter of time before Samsung’s all smartphones come with the sensor.

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