Lenovo plans to launch a Windows Phone device in second half of 2012

A couple of days back we saw Lenovo reveal the LePhone S2, which is an Android-running smartphone from the company and today we hear that Lenovo is planning to bring out Windows Phone running mobile anytime during the second half of 2012.

In a conversation with iMobile, product manager Chen Yue told that after LePhone S2, Lenovo now aims to release a Windows Phone in the second half of next year. Mr. Chen has not revealed any information on the specs, prices, region of launch, anything. He just gave out this little piece of information for us to wait on.

Lenovo had committed with other manufacturers to Windows Phone and finally we should see their first device anytime soon in the future. But will 2012 be too late for Lenovo? As Nokia, HTC, Samsung and Acer have already started launching WP devices, by 2012 it might be tough for Lenovo to gain some from the new emerging smartphone market of the WP platform.