LG announces stacked, curved and cable batteries for the flexible smartphones

Just after LG announced the world’s first flexible display, we were worried about the actual flexibility achievable in smartphones due to the presence of other components, however just a day after, LG has announced the new curved and cable batteries for such phones.


LG Chem, which is the IT and Electronic Materials branch of LG, announced that the company is ready to start mass production of the batteries. The flexible batteries, which are called Stepped Battery, puts two modules together to form the final battery capacity and allowing to make design suitable to fill up the available empty spaces. A similar version of the stepped battery was seen earlier in the LG G2.

The other battery specifically important for the flexible displays is the Curved Battery which uses the Stack&Fold technology that minimizes the stress on battery components when the whole module is bent thus utilising the space available within the curved display sections. Next type of the battery is the Cable Battery, which fits perfectly with flexible displays and allows you to bend, twist and even tie it in a knot.