LG D820, not LG D821, could be the Nexus 5

With all the commotion around the next Nexus device, we have some fresh information regarding the alleged devices which were spotted at various places.


According to sources, the LG D821, which was allegedly supposed to be the upcoming Nexus 5, is in fact the GSM version of the LG G2 with LTE support for Band 5. It was however earlier thought to be the CDMA version of the LG G2. As the LG D821 and the LG D820 seem related, the latter was also thought to be another variant of the LG G2.

However, the latest documentation has brought to fore that the LG D821 and the LG D820 do not have the same dimensions. While the LG D821 dimensions nearly resemble the LG G2, the dimensions of the LG D820 are still confusing, thus opening a possibility of being the Nexus 5 from LG. while neither LG nor Google has mentioned anything about the next Nexus device, the rumours don’t seem to stop.