Samsung would also soon make smartphones with 64-bit processing functionality

With Apple leading the way with 64 bit processors for its new iPhone 5S, Samsung is also planning on jumping the bandwagon not to be left behind in the field of technology.


According to reports, Samsung has promised that its next smartphones would have 64-bit processing functionality. While the Android OS is not yet customized for 64 bit processors, phones with the 64 bit processing functionality would practically be useless unless it packs in at least 4GB of RAM or optimizes the OS itself.

Meanwhile, it is quite likely that Google themselves may introduce the 64 bit support in the next Android version which is the Android KitKat. So unless the OS and the apps are pre-optimised the 64 bit devices that Samsung is planning could mean nothing at all. Hence it’s unlikely that we would get to see a performance boost with such device.