LG G Pro 2 would have screen-to-phone-size ratio of 77.2 percent; 0.4 mm side bezel

Recently pictures of the alleged LG G Pro 2 had surfaced. While we had some idea about the device, we have got some specific details regarding the design of the handset.


According to sources, the upcoming LG G Pro 2 would sport a screen – to – phone size ratio of 77.2 percent, which means more than three quarters of the front surface area of the device would be covered by the screen. To give a more clear idea, the side bezels would measure just 0.4 mm. So despite the 5.9 inch display, we can expect a very compact handset design.

We are certain that the power button and the volume rocker would be placed at the back of the device, thus removing any additional bulges. From the looks of it, the handsets would be ideal for single handed use despite the large display.  As of now the phone is rumoured to be launched in March.