LG G2 uses Graphic RAM to save nearly 10 percent battery

The new LG flagship seems to have a lot of new things besides the powerful Snapdragon 800 processor and the buttons placed on the back, thus making it a true innovation.


The LG G2 uses a new technology called the Graphic RAM (GRAM). The technology used is the Panel Self Refresh, which has been used in a mobile phone for the first time. Using GRAM, anything displayed on the device the GPU sends the frame image to the display panel 60 times per seconds by displaying the same frame over and over again without any communications with the GPU. However when the content changes, the process is started all over again.

When the GRAM adds a memory cache to the display panel to display the same frame, the CPU and GPU are not required to carry any operations, as such parts of the SoC can be shutdown. This helps in saving energy and battery. The company claims that the technology reduces the display’s energy consumption by 26 percent. The lowered refresh rate helps in saving up to 10 percent of battery, thus increasing the battery life.