LG G3 specs allegedly revealed; Quad-HD display, Octa-Core processor and a 16 MP camera

The LG G2 has been one of our favorite devices and we are quite keen as to see what LG brings in its successor next year and now some sources have suggested some specs of what should be the LG G3, G2’s successor.


LG had unveiled a 5.5-inch display of QHD (Quad-HD) (1440 x 2560) resolution in August and we were quite eager to see the display in a smartphone and if the reports are true we might get to such a pixel heavy display in the LG G3.

Other specs suggested by the sources at ZDNet Korea are an Octa-Core processor made by LG itself. The processor is codenamed LG Odin and we had once come across news of LG starting to develop in-house chipsets. It will be interesting to see how LG’s endeavour matches up to the Qualcomm and Samsung’s offerings. The report suggests a 16 MP camera to be present in the G3 and the device will be hit the markets in the second half of 2014.

We suggest you to take all of this with a slight pinch of salt but they seem to be true since they are pretty obvious. I am personally looking forward to the LG G3 whenever it comes as the G2 is the first device from LG to garner my attention. As of now this is all we know, we’ll let you know as we know more. Stay tuned.