LG schedules MWC 2019 event on February 24, expected to announce LG G8 with touch-less gesture controls

A recent report coming out of South Korea stated that LG would announce the LG G8 at a Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona on February 24. At that time, there was no word from LG about its presence at MWC. But now, this South Korean tech giant has finally confirmed its presence at MWC and has scheduled an event on February 24.

Leaked render of what’s allegedly the LG G8

LG has shared a video (attached below) confirming its MWC event on February 24 at CCIB in Barcelona, Spain. The video doesn’t reveal what LG is going to announce at this event, but, it does hint at a phone – likely the G8 – coming with touch-less gesture controls.

The video shows three different hand gestures. The hand-wave gesture from left-to-right makes the words “Goodbye Touch” appear on a paper. The second hand-wave gesture from right-to-left makes those words disappear while showing the words “MWC 2019 LG Premiere”. And lastly, the third gesture from the bottom shows the date and location of LG’s event.

Well, it looks like LG’s upcoming phone will come with a feature that would let users control the phone using different gestures without touching the phone’s screen. We will know how this technology works on February 24. However, looking at how difficult it is to keep things secret in the smartphone industry, you can expect a video showing off this technology in action to leak online in the coming days.

LG is expected to announce the LG G8 at this February 24 event, so it’s likely that we will these touch-less gesture controls make their debut with this smartphone.

In addition to G8, LG is also reported to launch its first foldable smartphone on February 24. We are more than a month away from this event, so expect to hear more about both these smartphones soon.