LG rolling out update to LG G6 wtih new Face Print, Low Power Consumption features

LG introduced the LG G6+ in Korea today. Along with the launch, a new software update to the LG G6 was also announced not to displease current LG G6 owners. Arguably, it is the biggest update to the LG G6 till now. This new update will roll out phase wise in different regions. At the moment dates are not available.


There are three main features that LG mentions are new with the update. One of them is what they call Face Print. Face Print is an alternative to the fingerprint scanner. It allows direct face scanning without touching any buttons. This means you don’t even need to wake up the device. Now that is interesting. LG says it takes less than 1 second. Also, the sensor detects a hand pick up and activates when it detects pick up so no worries for the battery.

The second feature is Low Power Consumption. Simply speaking, the Snapdragon 821 is configured to be highly battery efficient. It does this by gathering data through sensors and wireless connections. As a result, it is a more battery efficient processor which does not sacrifice performance.

Lastly, we have the Covered Lens warning feature. This feature can help photographers by notifying them if their finger is in the field of view of the wide-angle lens. The user will be alerted through a notification. LG is also introducing LG Pay for the LG G6 in Korea.