How to lock apps using fingerprint scanner [Android Guide]

More and more manufacturers are providing fingerprint scanners on their Android smartphones. Fingerprint Scanners haven’t remained a marketing gimmick anymore. We have already told you about different ways in which the Fingerprint Scanner of your Android smartphone can be used.


Besides using the fingerprint scanner to lock your Android smartphone, it can also be used to lock apps installed in it. Here are some apps which can be used to lock apps installed on your Android smartphone using the fingerprint scanner.

Android apps which use Fingerprint Scanner to lock other apps

App Locker : Fingerprint & PIN


Key Features:

  • Lock recent apps
  • Set Separate Password / Pin or Pattern for each App.
  • Fake Crash Screen
  • Option to use Fingerprint for unlocking
  • Fully optimized
  • No battery Drain
  • No need to remember pattern or passwords , just use fingerprint

Download Link: App Locker : Fingerprint & PIN

AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock


Key Features:

  • Snaps the snooper who tried to unlock your apps
  • Can locl apps you want to protect from being snooped
  • Can lock Wi-Fi
  • Can lock Bluetooth
  • Can lock Incoming Calls
  • Can lock Installing / Uninstalling apps
  • Can lock Play Store
  • Can lock Browser
  • Can lock Settings

Fingerprint Lock is supported on Samsung devices and devices running on Android 6.0. Marshmallow or higher.

Download Link: AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock



Key Features:

  • Protect any app with your fingerprint
  • Widget for fast enabling/disabling
  • Set timeouts to allow a short switch between apps
  • Unlock multiple apps at ones
  • Use your alternative password or pin code to unlock apps when your fingerprint is not recognized
  • FingerSecurity can’t be uninstalled or killed
  • Automatically protect new apps
  • Use your favorite image as background
  • Use fake crash dialog
  • Automatically unlock your apps at specific locations
  • Only allow specific people(fingerprints) to unlock an app
  • Protect notifications of protected apps

Download Link: FingerSecurity

If there are other apps that you think are better than the ones listed above, do share them with us. Also check out Apps to get stock Android experience on any Android device.