The Logitech Gamepad leaks; grants PSP-esque functionality to the Apple iPhone 5S

The internet is littered with iPhone accessories. Since Apple released the iPhone 5S recently, accessories for the smartphone have started emerging online. But, when it comes to accessories there is one name that resounds – Logitech. It is a company famous for making computer accessories and now it seems is making the jump to manufacturing smartphone accessories.The Logitech Gamepad has just leaked and it seems besides being a gaming accessory, it might help you transform the gaming experience on your iPhone 5S.


Evleaks reports that the Logitech Gamepad will act as a controller case for your iPhone. It will act as a joystick redefining the gaming experience  on your iPhone. It comes with a D-pad and A, B, X and Y buttons, as well as what appear to be R and L shoulder buttons, similar to those on the PSP.

There is currently no details on pricing and availability out but we will keep you posted.