Nexus 5 to feature the MEMS fastest smartphone camera with Lytro type functionality

Ooh! As the Nexus 5 launch nears, we are getting excited by the moment. Besides, the eagerness to see Android 4.4 – KitKat OS, we are also excited to see what Google will churn out in their next reinvention of the smartphone. It seems like the Nexus 5 might come with an 8-megapixel camera. Sounds exciting? No? Well, wait.


It seems with the Nexus 5, Google might pull a rabbit out of the hat. The camera on the Nexus 5 is codenamed the MEMS camera. MEMS is basically using technology never used before on phones – it is based  on the revolutionary Lytro technology which has already created waves with the Lytro camera.

A Lytro camera, if you don’t already know focuses and clicks 7 times faster than an average camera. It also  takes multiple images very fast. Using their technology you can actually shoot first and focus later. It will focus better both during the night and day.

Here’s a video explaining the workings of an MEMS camera

We are surely looking forward to the Nexus 5 release.