How to logout Facebook from other devices [Guide]

Not sure if you have logout Facebook from other devices? If you’ve likely signed in your Facebook account to another device or on a friends phone or PC and forgot to log out then here’s what you can do. You can simply remove the login session from your Facebook account settings, there is a way to control your active sessions from the devices, here’s how.


Logout Facebook from other devices

Facebook gives you the option to manage the login sessions. In your account, you will be provided a list of the devices on which you have logged in.

Launch the Facebook app and in that tap the three bars on the top if you are on Android device or at the bottom if you are on iPhone.

Scroll to the bottom and find Account Settings and enter Security and login.

In that, you can view the section ‘Where you’re logged in‘ where all the logged in devices can be viewed.

Tap see more to see the complete list of the devices that are used to login to your Facebook account. Each entry includes a date, time, location and device type. Find the suspicious device and end the session from there. Tap the three dots and select Log out.

On Facebook for Androids



The same method works with the iPhones, check the screenshots below which shows how you can logout Facebook sessions on iPhone.

This will also log you out from other Facebook apps like Messenger. If you want to end all the sessions of your Facebook account, then simply scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Log out of all sessions‘.

On Facebook for iPhones



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