[Updated] LOL, Barack Obama got an Airtel connection

Barack Obama recently got an Airtel connection in Andhra Pradesh, well not really. M Prasad, a 21 year old man from Nalgonda in Andhra Pradesh got his Airtel connection using Barack Obama’s photgraph.

Airtel activated his number, however SP of Nalgonda got to know about it and now that number is de-activated.

What is really funny about the the entire incident is that those sold the connection and those at the Airtel did not realize that it was the photograph of Barack Obama, or may be they just ignored.
Though it is funny, but it is a serious matter. As per Department of Telecom (DoT) a connection can be barred if the prescribed documents submitted to get the connection can’t be verified.
I just hope that concerned authorities will be more careful while verifying such documents.
And yes, I am still laughing.


Update: Just got an update from Airtel (with another TOI link) and they said that the number in this case was never alloted to any subscriber and the same was lying with its retail outlet.  Airtel further mentioned that the number was never activated since February 2012.

So, if I go by what Airtel has claimed, then it seems that the Telecom operator in this case was not at fault.