Love Carnatic Music? Check out Melodic Chants and Navagraha Kritis

Want to kickstart your mornings with pleasant chants that would brighten your entire day? Windows has some apps that could serve your purpose of blissful mornings. The Navagraha Kritis and Melodic Chants are two apps that have found their way on the windows phone 8 app market.


The Navagraha Kritis is a compilation of seven striking compositions by world-renowned Carnatic singer Bombay Jayashri. The compilations consists of chants with one dedicated to each planet of the week.

The app contains kritis on Surya, Candra, Angaraka, Budha, Brhaspati, Sukra and Sani. The kritis help to calm you and the malefic effects and help you find peace within.

The other app, Melodic Chants, is dedicated to children and contains a set of simple tunes so kids can sing along and learn. The two volumes contain chants of the voices of children singing along with Bombay Jayashri.

You can download the both the apps for your windows phone 8 from the store. The Navagraha Kritis app is priced at Rs. 110 and the Melodic Chants app is priced at Rs. 55. These apps are also available on Android Play Store, iTunes and Nokia Store.