Matrix announces prepaid SIMs with free calls and data for US and UK bound students

Matrix Cellular has just come up with a unique student-friendly SIM Card package that promises to save some valuable bucks. The SIM card provider is giving away SIMs with free voice, data and SMS services to students planning to travel to the UK or the US to further their studies.


Under the Rs. 1,999 prepaid plan, students are entitled to various advantages like free incoming calls and free local calls as well. Furthermore, users will also be able to use data freely and do text messages as well. Although, one requirement to procure the SIM is necessary. The student must produce a copy of the visa as mandatory KYC requirement.

Also, there are some free goodies as well with the new offer. Here, users can enter a ‘Get Free Data’ campaign by buying the SIM or downloading the Matrix Travel app. Moreover, they will just have to post a comment with hashtags #Matrixrewards or #Matrixtravelcompanionapp on any of their social media accounts. Each single post results in 500 MB free data.

Founded in 1995, Matrix Cellular is now a major country-specific SIM card provider. As we know, studying abroad can be quite straining for an individual’s pocket and as such, saving even a few bucks would be vital. The company is offering prepaid plans that start from Rs. 1,999 for the US and UK students. If you are one of these students interested in the offer then you can head on to to get further details.