MediaTek launches the world’s first true octa-core processor

With the increasing numbers of powerful processors, MediaTek has decided to up its game plan and announced what it likes to call the world’s first true octa-core processor.


MediaTek, one of the leading chip manufacturer, announced the launch of the first true octa-core processor. The chip can be clocked in the range of 1.7 GHz to 2 GHz without any overheating. While the Samsung Exynos 5 is also said to be an octa-core processor, in that chip just one group of four cores is active at a time, whereas with the new MediaTek chip all the eight cores are active at the same time.

The extra powerful chip from MediaTek would score around the 30000 range on the AnTuTu benchmarks. The processor can provide smoother game playing, web browsing, improved video playback, and improved battery consumption. The MediaTek chips are usually preferred for low-end mobile phones because of its very low price.