Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor Review

It’s been a few months since Xiaomi launched the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor in India and we recently got a chance to play around with it. The device can come in handy for the people who travel often and need something that can take care of their tires. It comes with a massive 2000 mAh battery and weighs approx 547 grams. It is priced at Rs.2499 and users can buy it from Xiaomi India’s official website. Is the Mi Electric Air Compressor worth your money? Let’s find out.


Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor Key Specifications

  • Product Name: Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor
  • Gross Weight: 547 grams
  • Net Weight: 450 grams
  • Inflation Pressure Range: 0.2-10 bar / 3-145 psi /  20-995 kPa
  • Battery: 2000 mAh
  • Charging: Micro USB Port for Charging
  • Charging Parameter: 5V=2A
  • Working Noise: Less than 80dB at the distance of 1m
  • Package Contents: Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor, French Style Removable Moth Head, Air Needle, Charging Cable, Storage Bag, and a User Guide.

Design & Build

Talking about the design, the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor reminds you of the 1st Generation iPod and comes with a very similar design. It is made using very high-quality plastic and the build quality is impressive. You get a nice grip when you hold it in your hands and In addition to this, you can also keep it on a flat surface without any issues. Xiaomi sells this in black color and it also comes with a black storage bag that helps you to carry it around with you when you are traveling.

As it weighs around 547 grams you may find it heavy to carry around with you or hold it in your hands but mostly all the air inflators come with a similar weight so it’s not an issue. It has the Mi Logo on the back with some specifications printed in a very small font that aren’t visible until you take a closer look. On the front, you get iPod style buttons along with a display that shows you the PSI values. On the top, Xiaomi has also given a LED Light that can come in handy if you want to work with your vehicle tire in the night. Along with that, there is a warning message printed on the top of the film.

You also get a MicroUSB Port at the bottom that allows you to charge the Mi Portable Air Electric Compressor. There is also an LED light at the bottom which lights up and when you plug in the device or when you are using it. Overall, the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is one of the best-designed air inflators out there and there is hardly any product in the market which is as portable as this one.










Features & Performance

The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor comes with 4 preset PSI Values which can be accessed by tapping the right button. These presets include PSI / BAR values for Cycle, Two Wheeler, Car, and a Football. Thanks to these inbuilt presets, users who don’t have an idea about the PSI values can also fill the air when needed without any issues.

Users can also manually set the PSI Values using the “+” and “-” button on the device. It goes up to 145 PSI max and it also shows you the PSI value when you connect it with a tire or a ball for filling the air. By default, the preset for Car and Two Wheeler shows you the values in Bar but long-pressing the button on the right can help you to change that. Once the value is set, users can start filling air by pressing the middle button on the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor. Just like the other portable air inflators, this also makes a loud noise when you are filling the air in a vehicle.

I tested this with my Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 and it took around 5-6 minutes to fill one tire. The air filling speed is decent and Xiaomi says that it can easily handle 8 Cycle Tyres or 5 Car Tyres once you’ve charged it completely.  I didn’t get a chance to test this with a Cycle but as cycle requires less air you can expect the tire filling job to get done within 3 to 4 minutes for a single tire.

I also tested this with a Tata Nexon and it took around 11-12 mins to fill one tire so if you are planning to get this for a car it’ll take you 35-45 mins to fill the air in all your car tires. However, this highly depends on the air which is already present in your tires so it may be different for everyone. Once you attach this with a tire it also shows you the current pressure on the tire which is great because users will be able to detect punctures with this feature.


The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is powered by a 2000 mAh battery and it takes about 3 hours for a full charge. It comes with a Charging Cable inside the box however you don’t get a charger. The Mi Electric Air Compressor can be charged with a Powerbank or a Wall Charger that we often use with our smartphones. Just plug in the cable in any of the available devices and you are ready to go. The LED light on this device helps you to see your battery percentage as it changes colors at different battery levels.

The battery life on the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is impressive and it can easily fill up all the 4 car tires with a single charge. Whereas, when it comes to the two-wheelers the Xiaomi Portable Electric Air Compressor can fill up air in your cycle tires for 3 to 4 times with a single charge. On the other hand, you can use it with your bike or scooter for 2 to 3 times with a single charge.


The Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is one of the best portable air inflators that you can get right now. There are not many reputable brands for Air Inflators in the market right now and the closest competition for the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is the Amazon Basics Compact Portable Digital Tyre Inflator. However, thanks to the specs it offers, the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor just kills the competition. The design is pretty impressive, the build quality is amazing and it follows Xiaomi’s “Honest Pricing” rule and offers you specs worth your money.

It’s a great gadget for the people who travel a lot. Whether you are going for a Chandigarh to Leh road trip or you just want something that can come in handy in emergency situations the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor is a must-have air inflator for your vehicle.