Micromax offering 100-day replacement warranty on its feature phones

Indian manufacturer Micromax has today announced that it will now offer 100-day replacement warranty on all its feature phones. Well, it means that you can get your Micromax feature phone replaced within 100 days from the date of its activation if it has any hardware faults.


Micromax will replace your feature phone with the same or equivalent model if it is beyond repairs. However, if your device develops any issues after 100 days from the date of its activation (and is still under the 1 year warranty), you won’t be offered any replacements, but, you can send it to Micromax to get it repaired.

For now, the 100-day replacement warranty is available for the following phones:

  • X1i
  • x706
  • x424
  • x740
  • x730
  • x904
  • x570
  • x512
  • x412
  • x726

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicable only for activated devices.
  • Eligible when the device is under warranty.
  • If Software does not rectify the concern.
  • Eligible if device needs a hardware repair.
  • Replacement device will be of the same or equivalent model.

In the last few quarters, we have invested heavily and worked diligently to improve our service experience. We have a large base of feature phone users and for these valued users one of the key proposition for buying their phone is a great after sale service experience. Taking our promise, a step ahead, we are now bringing a care free user experience for all the feature phone customers offering them full replacement within 100 days of purchase, if any problem arises.” said Mr. Shubhodip Pal, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Micromax.

Apart from offering 100-day replacement warranty on its feature phones, Micromax is also currently offering 1-year screen replacement warranty on Canvas2 as well as Damage Protection Plan for Dual 5. Well, this move should help the company attract more customers and turn them into loyalists.