Update for Snapchat now allows links, voice filters, backdrops, and geofilters

Snapchat is getting some new features with a new update. The changelog is not awfully long but the new features are noteworthy and will add to the user experience surely.

What Snap mentions as the first new feature is a Geofilter. Essentially, these are filters for special occasions available on demand. Say for your wedding or graduation event. You’ll find this new feature in the settings labeled ‘On-demand Geofilters’. But, mind it. It is a paid feature worth $5.99.

The second feature is likely to be used an awful lot. Say you are taking a snap of yourself with a product you want to advertise. Now you can link the website of the product in your snap. Users will just swipe up to open links. Snap calls it ‘Paper Clip’.

Next up is a bunch of new backdrops. Located inside the Scissors tool. Just try them. The last one is a bit weird. You can tweak your voice through a range of filters available. There are four of them. ‘Cat, Dog & Robot’ and one more which I couldn’t make out. Switching to ‘Cat’ for example will make your voice more sharp like a cat. And so on. You get the idea. So go ahead and try it out. Just don’t bark too much!

Download Link: Snapchat for Android l Snapchat for iOS