Microsoft China says Windows Phone 7.8 to launch in ‘coming weeks’

Everybody who owns a Windows Phone 7.5 OS running smartphone is desperately waiting for Microsoft to roll out the much-awaited Windows Phone 7.8 OS upgrade.


And if the Vice President of Microsoft Corp., Greater China is to be believed, then the upgrade is will “be launched in Chinese market the coming weeks”.

This also gives us an idea that the upgrade will also roll out in other markets around the same time and this is a great news for all the Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone owners.
As per the source, the VP also went on to reveal that another batch of other Windows Phone OEMs possibly ZTE and Lenovo would be joining the Windows Phone 8 brigade next year.
Just about a week back, we heard that the Windows Phone 7.8 OS has already been Released to Manufacturers (RTM) and will go on to arrive in the next few days and now this statement from the VP of MSFT China just goes on to strengthen the earlier reports.
As per various reports, the Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade is said to bring the new start screen which will arrive with three Live Tile sizes which users can customize, users are said to get twenty themes which users will be able to use to customize their Windows Phone smartphones. Rooms and XBox Music may also make their way to the new incremental OS upgrade.