Microsoft confirms Windows 10 Mobile features and hardware no longer a focus for the company

When it comes to mobile operating systems, we often only hear about two names – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android – because they are the ones that are much more popular and widely adapted by users and app developers alike. The mobile OS we don’t often hear much about though is Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile. And, there aren’t any chances that we will hear much about it in the future as well, because Microsoft has now confirmed that the company is no longer focusing on Windows 10 Mobile as well as new hardware.

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Joe Belfiore, who is the Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, confirmed in a series of tweets that the company is no longer focusing on building new features for Windows 10 Mobile as well as new hardware.

Joe, like Microsoft Founder Bill Gates, no longer uses a smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile OS. The reason being the lack of diversity in available apps and hardware. Moreover, he also said that the reason for no longer continuing to build new features and hardware for Windows 10 Mobile is that companies aren’t investing much in developing new apps, reason being there aren’t enough users for whom they would like to develop apps.

However, to make things better, Microsoft did “tried VERY HARD to incent app devs” by paying them money and going as far as writing apps for them. But again, the lack of available users on the platform meant the developers would rather invest their time developing apps for iOS and Android who have a major share in the market.

Having said that, Belfiore did reassure current users that even though Microsoft won’t be focusing on this platform any more, the company will “continue to support the platform” by rolling out bug fixes and security patches. This applies to the Windows Phone as well.

That said, this isn’t all that surprising. After all, this platform lacked the kind of hardware variety that we see in Android. Moreover, the lack of availability of apps meant more and more people were drawn either towards iOS or Android, which have far more and better apps.

Also, even if Microsoft has confirmed that Windows Phone now has no future, the company is busy bringing its apps and services on Android and iOS. Last week, Microsoft re-introduced its Arrow Launcher for Android, and, brought in its Edge browser for both Android as well as iOS.

So, Windows Phone users, what are you thoughts on this? Are you now going to switch to Android or iOS?