Microsoft launches Kids Mode for Edge browser that allows kids-friendly internet usage

Microsoft Edge browser has become quite popular after the company switched to using Chromium engine. The company has been releasing new features and improving performance by pushing updates regularly.

Now, the company has launched a new Kids Mode for the Edge browser which can now be enabled on Windows and macOS. This new mode can easily be enabled by selecting it from the Edge profile option.

When the Kids Mode is enabled, the user will be limited to access only approved sites. Parents have an option to select between five to eight years or nine to 12 years of age for their kids. Both age ranges include the highest level of tracking prevention in Edge and strict Bing SafeSearch to filter out adult text, images, and videos from searches.

Microsoft has also made the process a bit easy for the parents by automatically allowing 70 popular kids’ websites but to grant access to more websites, patents need to add them individually.

The mode also blocks Windows keyboard shortcuts to prevent kids from exiting out, but the same shortcut restrictions aren’t in place on macOS. Once Kids Mode is enabled, an adult will have to input their Windows or macOS credentials to exit out and switch back to their normal browsing.

The company is focusing on privacy and thus the Kids Mode doesn’t require a Microsoft Account, nor will it sync your list of approved websites across devices. Kids Mode also supports customizing themes, colors, and new tab backgrounds.