Microsoft employees refer Windows 8 as ‘the new Vista’

Windows 8 has not been getting the amount of love Microsoft would have wanted it to get and with reports of slow adoption and sales, Windows 8 has been getting a lot of comparisons with Windows Vista, the most panned Windows version till date. The references are not being made only in the outer world but also by Microsoft employees themselves.


According to a report from Paul Thurrot who has inside contacts with Microsoft and is a pretty reliable source, Windows 8 is referred as being ‘the new Vista’ by Microsoft employees. While Windows Vista was hated all across for having great usability issues, Windows 8 is getting termed ‘the new Vista’ because of the “sales and market acceptance”.

The hate Windows 8 is getting is from the PC users who don’t have a touch-screen which is pretty obvious considering Microsoft wanted to make Windows 8, a touch centric operating system but since their own employees know that Windows 8 is not exactly doing too well means Microsoft will work hard and bring something great with Windows 9 which is already being rumored as the ‘Threshold’ update.