Microsoft Lumia 940XL may feature an iris scanner

While the high-end Android smartphones have started flaunting fingerprint sensors, Microsoft may be going one step ahead with the iris scanners.


According to sources, Microsoft is working on two new smartphones codenamed Lumia Talkman and Lumia Cityman. Now sources claim that the Lumia Talkman would be released as the Microsoft Lumia 940 whereas the Lumia Cityman would release as the Microsoft Lumia 940XL. While there isn’t much details available, both the handsets are touted to be high-end devices.

Interestingly, sources also claim that the Lumia Cityman aka the Microsoft Lumia 940XL would flaunt a iris scanner, making it one of the first Windows Phone handset to flaunt a biometric scanner and one of the few smartphones with an iris scanner. We should be hearing more details about both the handsets soon.