Microsoft accepts offering money to Samsung, Sony, Huawei to support Windows Phone

Last month we came across news that Microsoft might be offering Samsung money to get them to make Windows Phone devices and today we have come across news that Microsoft might be paying up manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Huawei to support the Windows Phone platform and Microsoft have accepted that they do but the company has termed it as co-marketing.


While Samsung and Huawei already make Windows Phone devices, Sony is rumored to be bringing a Windows Phone handset later this year. The source of this news is the Eldar Murtazin who has a hit and miss record when it comes to rumors so take all this with a pinch of salt. He had tweeted suggesting that Samsung has already taken the deal and has been paid $1.2 billion from Microsoft while Huawei has been offered $600 million and Sony $500 million while a amount of $300 million has been offered to some manufacturers, the names of which have not been revealed. Surprisingly there’s no mention of HTC and they might be in the $300 group of manufacturers.


Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Communications Frank X. Shaw responded to this sugessting that they do engage with manufacturers for co-marketing but the $2.6 billion number from Eldar is a complete fiction.

Microsoft paying up manufacturers to get support for Windows Phone and co-marketing it is not a bad thing really and it would help boost the platform immensely. Right now Windows Phone is all about Nokia Lumia and we would like other manufacturers to help Windows Phone grow because we consumers want more choice than just Android and iOS but it will be interesting to see if any of the aforementioned manufacturers can make a mark with Windows Phone which has certainly become Nokia territory.

Source – @fxshaw@eldarmurazin