Microsoft’s Spartan browser to support extensions

Microsoft recently unveiled the consumer centric features of Windows 10 and one of the highlights among the many features was the new browser dubbed under Project Spartan. Well, we like the name ‘Spartan’, so we will call the browser Spartan until Microsoft makes the name official. We certainly hope the company does not bring the browser under the Internet Explorer name.


While Microsoft revealed some of the features of the Spartna browser, there was no mention of extensions, which was rumored previously. Well, the development team behind the browser has made it official the browser will indeed support extensions. When asked about extensions, the @IEDevChat tweeted, “Yes. We’re working on a plan for extensions for a future update to Project Spartan.”


So, we can expect the Spartan browser to come without the extensions feature at first but get the feature in a later update. According to reports, Microsoft is currently working on options to let developers port their Chrome extensions to Spartan without any fuss. That would help the budding browser to have a healthy catalogue in quick time.

The Project Spartan is an important step ahead for the company as it’s previous browser efforts have now been marred by the tarnished image of Internet Explorer. The new Spartan browser looks sleek and we hope it works the same way.