Mobile Apps Review : smsBlocker (Symbian)

smsblocker  Back in June, we talked about this application, smsBlocker. Now lets review it further and examine how effective a simple application can turn out to be.

smsBlocker is one cool application that every mobile user must have. There are many sms spam blockers out there. But the common issue in those apps are they are not user friendly. They need user’s attention and lack intelligence. Some apps tend to block out even important messages. Most of the applications out there are resource heavy and tend to have memory management issues.

smsBlocker is a simple, light weight application that can be installed in Symbian mobiles. Immediately after installation, the application takes you to a screen where you choose numbers to be blocked. The block list can be manually added or collated from your call log, in-box or contact list.

The application also has inbuilt intelligence. If certain message match a spam message pattern, it automatically blocks it. But for the first time, you will have to confirm that its indeed a spam message. There is also a trusted list or the white-list, where you add certain contact who are important and must never be blocked out. The user can customize the extent of privacy required.

When the smsBlocker is running, there is a tiny little indicator in the home-screen and no form of notification pops up when you receive a spam message. The application runs and stays in the background, without disrupting the mobile usage in any way. The whole application is very user friendly and it required very little configuration. The user needs to spend very less time configuring the settings and rest is done automatically. The message senders can also be blocked on the fly. However, just in case, all blocked messaged are still maintained in a separate folder within the application. A detailed log of all messages is available as well.

The application costs just Rs. 99 and I would recommend it for every user with a capable symbian mobile. It’s definitely worth the price and makes your life a lot easier.

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