Mobile gaming industry may generate $7.5 billion by 2015

Mobile gaming is a new industry which is growing at a great a scale. We don’t mind paying any amount of money to buy a great game. If for example we consider Angry Birds, the game costs just 99 cents but when millions of people all around the world download it, it generates millions of dollars too. 


Apart from this, the company which develops the games also earns from in-game adverting and many other sources. So the revenue generated by a game is a very BIG number. And now new stats and results of a research by a company called SuperData go on to reveal that the mobile gaming revenue could reach $7.5 billion by 2015.

According to SuperData, the current mobile gaming industry is generating about $2.7 billion and this figure will triple in the next three years. Asia is the world leader in the mobile gaming market and will contribute about $3.2 billion alone by 2015. 
It is to be noted that the world is still ruled by feature phones with a whopping 85% penetration whereas smartphone only contribute 15%. And India stands fourth with a 23% smartphone penetration just behind China, U.S and Russia.
Only 3.5% – 10% of a mobile Free-to-Play game audience will convert to paying users. And on an average most users spend between $8 and %15 per month on mobile games. In-app purchase is indeed on a rise and more users are opting for it but it is ads that generate majority of the revenue.

One interesting data is that Angry Birds is free on Android, thanks to the ads and Rovio is able to generate anywhere between $1 to $6 billion per month, just from ads. YES! So with the smartphone penetration increasing day by day by 2015 indeed the mobile gaming industry will grow at a faster pace.

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