Microsoft Edge new update brings password manager, new themes, and more features

The Chromium-based Microsoft Edge has been getting timely updates with new features and improvements, trying to establish itself in the crowded and highly competitive browsers market.

The Microsoft Edge has now received yet another update, which brings several features, including an in-built password manager and new themes, allowing users to customize the look.

The company has rolled out this update as a one-year celebratory update and is touted to be one of the biggest updates in some time. Apart from the features mentioned, it also comes with new “sleeping tabs” that automatically release system resources occupied by background tabs to help boost performance.

In the password manager, the user can now autofill password and account fields, or use the password generator to automatically create (and save) more secure passwords — similar to what Chrome offers.

There’s also a password monitor that will notify users in case their credentials get leaked or the service used by the user has been breached.

As for the themes, the company has introduced twenty-four new themes, including special Halo, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Forza Horizon that will fully theme the search bar, sidebar, and menus of Microsoft Edge.

Along with this, history and tabs syncing is also rolling out to all Edge users. This allows you to sync all of your tabs across Android, iOS, and desktop.