MTNL to offer minimum Broadband speed of 512 Kbps in Mumbai

The New Telecom Policy is yet to be implemented and MTNL has taken an initiative to redefined Broadband services ahead of Telecom policy that, minimum download speed for Broadband customers will now be 512 Kbps in place of 256 Kbps.

This makes MTNL Mumbai the first ISP in India to offer minimum Broadband speed of 512 Kbps. Shri Peeyush Agrawal, Executive Director, MTNL Mumbai announced this initiative to be introduced from Republic Day.

Once this is implemented, all customers having broadband plans with download speed less than 512 Kbps will be automatically upgraded to 512 Kbps download speed, without any additional charges.

MTNL has also introduced three new broadband plans for the MTNL Triband customers.  DSL 250 plan and DSL 450 plan with 2 Mbps download speed.  These broadband plans have a monthly rent of Rs.250/- and Rs.450/- respectively with free data usage of 1 GB and 3 GB and charges after free usage as 50p/Mb and 30p/Mb respectively.  One New Unlimited combo plan with a monthly rental of Rs.995/- has also been introduced.  This plan offers rent free landline and 1 Mbps download speed with unlimited free usage.

Update: We have just received info that the same offer and plans are being offered to MTNL customers in Delhi. The implementation will take place from tomorrow.