New malware DKFBootkit hits Android devices (Yet again)

Okay quick heads up! A new malware (yes again) is doing rounds in the Android community infecting and taking over Android devices. 


Wondering how it’s spreading? Well the malware in question is namely DKFBootkit and is being circulated via piracy apps, unlocking programs, those which manage apps on your device and its likes.

The malware hides itself into the boot sequence by altering files in the system, and then goes on to do all sorts of changes and takes over the system after it is granted the access to ROOT of the device when the user clicks ‘OK’ thinking the app to be legit.

Interesting bit of the malware as all others is that the user remains unknown that he/she just granted access to a malware until it is too late.

Thinking of how to stay away from this malware? Well it’s very simple. DO NOT DOWNLOAD OR AUTHORIZE any app that asks you for access to the ROOT of your device. And forgot about any free licenses and pirated software forever to stay safe. 

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