New York Times discontinues its BlackBerry App

New York Times which brings news from all over the world to its readers has just given a big blow to Research In Motion.


In a message on its site, the New York Times has announced that it has stopped supporting the NYTimes app for BlackBerry since July 23, 2012.

NYTimes said,
As of July 23, 2012, The New York Times stopped supporting the NYTimes app for BlackBerry, the DealBook BlackBerry Reader or the NYTimes app for Palm Pre.
But BlackBerry users should not get disheartened as they can continue to enjoy reading the latest titbits from all around the world by accessing the mobile site of NYTimes which the publication claims is much more robust.
If you were a user of the NYTimes app for BlackBerry, then now you can direct your mobile browser to and stay in touch with all the latest happenings all from around the world.
The NYTimes app had been only 3 years old since the time it was introduced for BlackBerry smartphones. The Android and iPhone app of NYTimes will continue to work as usual.