Nextbit ends customer support for Robin, will roll-out software updates till February 2018

Owners of Nextbit Robin, we have a piece of information which you aren’t going to like at all. As you might have learnt from the title of this article, the customer support for Robin has been ended with immediate effect by Nextbit.


The announcement came through the company’s Twitter handle which tweetedEffective August 1st 2017, we’ve shut down support for Robin. You can still refer to our online self-help:“. Well, this was eventually going to happen after Nextbit was acquired by Razer – a company known for its gaming products – back in January this year.

At the time of acquisition, Nextbit had announced that although it was stopping the sales of Robin, it would continue to support the product for the next six months. Well, here we are after six months, and the company has now stopped customer support as well.

However, even though the customer support has been dropped for Robin, Nextbit made it clear that the smartphone would continue receiving software updates till February 2018. Well, we are wondering if those software updates would only be security patches or would also include the roll-out of Android O which is set to release soon.

Rebels, effective August 1st 2017, we will be shutting down support for Robin. Although you won’t be able to reach us by phone or chat anymore, any outstanding RMA tickets will be handled via email. Remember, you can still refer to our self-help section here, or get help from other Robin users on Razer Insider. If you purchased your Robin through a third-party reseller, please contact them for any inquiries.wrote Nextbit in a blog post.

Well, now that Nextbit has ended customer support for Robin, the team might start working on a Razer-branded phone which would probably be meant for gamers. We personally would love to see a smartphone from Razer designed especially for gaming. Would you?