No bada 2.0 update for Wave 525 and 533

Some bad news for Samsung Wave 525 and 533 owners. A little while back Samsung had announced that all its Wave devices running bada OS will be updated to bada 2.0 OS. But in a recent email sent to bada developers, Samsung has said that now Wave devices will be divided into two groups; ‘Wave (WQVGA)’ and ‘Wave (WQVGA) _1.1 only.’


The first group, Wave (WQVGA) will receive the much awaited bada 2.0 update supporting both 2.0 and 1.1 API. This includes the devices such as Wave 575, 578 and 723. On the other hand the second group includes Wave 525 and 533 and they will only support bada 1.1 API and not get the much awaited bada 2.0 update.

But Samsung will try to compensate this for the users with a ‘Value Pack’ which will provide no less experience than bada 2.0. Wondering as to what the value pack will offer? Then Samsung describes it as below:

“Samsung is offering “Value Pack” upgrade for devices that do not support bada 2.0 upgrade due to hardware limitations such as main chipset performance and available network speed. “Value Pack” is designed to offer the same bada 2.0 user experience and service as much as possible despite the hardware limitations.”